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2022-12-03 18:43

Set in Zhangye City in western Gansu Province, Zhangye Geopark is located in the middle section of Hexi Corridor. It was an important township on the ancient Silk Road, and a strategic communication passage in northwest China. Zhangye Geopark is easily accessible from the provincial capital and nearby municipalities. Zhangye is served by an extensive transport network, with Lanzhou-Xinjiang Railway, Zhangye Airport and 312 National Expressway passing through the city just 30km east of the geopark, and 213 Provincial Expressway running across the geopark. 213 Provincial Expressway is the transport framework for the geopark, and 209 County Expressway is a main line. Complemented by sightseeing roads that connect all geoheritage, they form an extensive transport network that is efficient and convenient.