Current Location:
Zhangye UGGp Museum/地 质 公 园 博 物 馆

Zhangye UGGp Museum covers an area of 20000 square meters, with a construction area of 7300 square meters and a total investment of 112 million yuan. It was completed and opened for operation on August 1, 2015. The exhibition hall of the museum is divided into a landscape interpretation hall, a landscape grand view hall, a 4D cinema, a dreamlike landscape hall, a temporary exhibition hall, and a VR science popularization experience hall. It is a steel concrete special-shaped spatial truss structure that integrates five major functions: collection, protection, research, display, and education.

It is a professional geological museum in the industry, with 80 specimens of various rocks, minerals, and paleontology. The exhibition hall uses text, pictures, acoustic, optical, and electrical equipment to provide visitors with a comprehensive and three-dimensional introduction to the formation and characteristics of the colorful hills in the Zhangye UGGp. The other red bed landforms in China and the world, as well as the geological and geomorphic types and mineral reserves possessed by Zhangye as a landscape park, have solved the questions raised by tourists about the formation process of the landscape and geoheritages in the scenic area after visiting the scenic area, and have played a better role in science popularization education and publicity of the geopark.

Science Popularization Education Base/科 普 基 地
Since its opening in August 2015, the museum has received a total of 600000 tourists, with a maximum daily visitor reception of 16000. It has provided interpretation services for government, schools, and other visiting groups, and has received unanimous praise from all sectors of society. It has been rated as "Historical Reproduction Project · Museum" and "Gansu Provincial Science Popularization Base".